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Our fundraising efforts have gone to the following cool things!

  • Grade level playdates, summer 2022

  • Bulb sale fundraiser

  • Grand opening celebration- provided donuts and cider from park hill and BMX show

  • Organized garden volunteers

  • Tony Vacca performance for all elementary students

  • Florida Citrus sale fundraiser

  • Supported Kindergarten field trip to Fletcher Farm

  • Donated $3000 to school garden program

  • Meadow Farms fundraiser

  • November movie and pizza night 

  • Bake sale at Eastworks open studios fundraiser

  • Altitude trampoline park and Chipotle fundraiser

  • Cookie decorating and board game night

  • March movie and pizza night

  • Implemented Terracycle in elementary cafeteria

  • Earth week, funded presentation from Ollie Perrault about climate change and Pedal People about trash and recycling

  • Donation of recess items - hula hoops, chalk, balls, sand toys, riding toys, sleds, toy holding rack, indoor recess games

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